Union Hotel

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271 Pacific Highway
North Sydney
NSW 2060

The Union Hotel, North Sydney is the home of North Sydney achievers. We typically meet every second Monday in the large function room upstairs.

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    About Dave The Happy Singer

    Dave The Happy Singer is the webmaster and Vice-President (PR) of North Sydney Achievers. A linguist academically, former professional singer and comedy improviser he currently works as a software developer. He is also a skeptic, almost-vegan, blogger and podcaster. Dave's favourite parts of Toastmasters are humorous speeches and Table Topics.

    2 thoughts on “Union Hotel

    1. Hi Gary,

      I am looking for a local toastmaster club at North Sydney and was wondering what is the process to join this club. I have never participated in any TM session so it will be my first time plus a work friend who also wants to join in.
      Look forward to your reply,


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