Meeting Roles

There are a number of different tasks to be carried out at each Toastmasters meeting. These meeting roles are shared by club members, with each of us taking a different role each time.

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Club members are typically assigned a meeting role in advance by the Vice-President (Education). The VPE will include the assignments on the meeting’s agenda, which is circulated by e-mail beforehand.

If you are new to the club or are performing a particular role for the first time, please read the information here carefully, and have a quick chat with the VPE before the meeting.

Been a Toastmaster elsewhere? While you’ll be familiar with much of this information, different clubs do things in slightly different ways. It’s worthwhile checking these guides if you’re not sure how we run things!

Below are the most common roles assigned, including links to more information where appropriate.


The chair’s role is to facilitate the meeting so that all members achieve their objectives. It’s also important to ensure the meeting runs smoothly and on time. The chairman also devises and runs our 30-second warm-up exercise.

Guide to being chairman at Toastmasters

Master Evaluator

It’s the job of the Master Evaluator to evaluate anything and everything that takes place throughout the meeting that has not already been evaluated, with constructive feedback and praise as appropriate.

Guide to being Master Evaluator at Toastmasters


The Toastmaster for the Prepared Speeches is to be a genial Master of Ceremony, enthusiastic, earnest and with good humour. It is the Toastmaster’s job to introduce the speakers and evaluators for the prepared assignments section.

Guide to being the Toastmaster for Prepared Speeches

Table Topics Master

The Table Topics Master presides over a meeting’s entire Table Topics session (including it’s evaluation). Table Topics gives us a chance to practice impromptu speaking, and the Table Topics Master’s goal is to encourage this with creativity and enthusiasm.

Guide to being Table Topics Master at Toastmasters

Speech Evaluator

Every prepared speech is assessed by an Evaluator, to give speakers constructive feedback on their achievements with regard to the objectives of the speech, and to encourage them to continue to build on their strengths as public speakers.

Guide to being a Prepared Speech Evaluator at Toastmasters